What’s it mean to be a strong Mom?

Strong Moms With Strong Minds


Sometimes being a Mom is a real challenge.


Choosing your battles is a must in today’s age.


For example, my husband is out of town right now.  I’m home, by myself, with 2 kids in tow and whadda’ ya know, my basement is flooded.






Raising kids is my thing, not being a plumber!


Like most moms, It would be perfectly within reason to have a major meltdown over this basement fiasco.

Fear not though, I held it together…




We live way out in the country too, no where near our other family members either.


My hubs is on the road, a lot!  When you’re strapped with a full time job and two little ones it’s hard to fix things that go wrong, especially at 10pm.


Add to the fact that my sons Forest and Jamison have to be watched like a hawk at ALL times, there’s not much chance of me fixing this mess.


After I found the valve to cut the water off coming into the house, I took to Google and called several plumbers I found online.  


After dialing several with no answer, I finally got one to pick up.  I wanted to give a big shout out to  Danville Plumbing Services for helping me out of a real bind.  


Coming over as soon as we got off the phone to see what was causing the flooding in our basement, he found there was 6 inches of  water from a busted hose on the back of our washing machine!  

After replacing the old dry rotted rubber pipe and pumping out all the water he and his helper even moved all the furniture out to our garage to dry out.


Strength isn’t always a physical measurement.


As a mom, and sometimes aided by medicines, (thank God) we understand what it means to be strong for our children.  Childbirth is something our male counterparts could almost never imagine.


We still love our guys though… LOL!


The pain felt when bearing children requires us to be mentally tough though and some women would just fall top pieces at what just happened to me.


Sure, some of us are more fit than others and we should strive to be in to physical condition.


Eating healthy, exercising and can only take you so far, but sometimes our strength is shown through our ability to make good decisions, knowing our limits and calling for help when we need it.


Could I have fixed this plumbing issue?  Hell yeah, if I had the pipe!


Here’s another good story on what emotionally strong women DON’T do.


Stay strong mommas, we need you.


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