Trump Did It! How He Became President

In my post, What’s it mean to be a strong Mom? I talked about the kind of mom that takes control of situations and gets stuff done. You know… real bad-asses!

What the Leftists have forgotten is that it’s those kinds of middle-American moms and their hard working husbands is why Donald J. Trump actually got elected.

I know a few moms like that in fact birds of a feather flock together right?

A couple I know in Tennessee like that own a garage door repair service  are the hard working, get er done kind of people that catapulted Donald Trump into the presidency this past November.

These are the “Basket of Deplorables” that Hillary Clinton and Washington has left behind and it cost them BIG TIME!

Lee and Shannan are some of the hardest working folks I know. They’re Christians just trying to survive in a country that up until November has pushed them to the wayside.  Not any longer though.

It seems shocking to some of those on the left that in his first week in office Donald Trump is actually attempting to make do on some of the promises he committed to for the American people and his supporters.

Funny thing is that the biggest complaint of the Democrat Party was that it was xenophobic and racists to ask for Muslim immigrants to follow OUR laws.

The same claims that Bill Clinton AND Barrack Obama made in this video below.

Yeah, kind of pot calling the kettle black.

Wait, is that racist to say that?

The Left would say so. So what’s up with the rioting and #notmypresident temper tantrum Bull-Sh!T the safe space gang’s been up to after the election.

They’re just plain cra-cra. That’s all.

For as long a s I can remember the Democratic party has been talkin’ out of both sides of their mouth.

That’s why we now call Donald J. Trump President.


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