Our Selfie Stick President

Sarah Palin recently poked fun at President Obama for being weak and that the threat from Vladimir Putin’s Mother Russia is quite real.


Colonel Alan West recently wrote this story here highlighting how Sarah Palin was right about the real threat of Russian aggression.


Russia is building a massive military base just 300 miles from U.S. soil.  This new Arctic Russian military base is nearly completed according to RT.  It’s located on Kotleny Island off the eastern Siberian coast.

President Putin is showing  what real leadership looks like and is outmaneuvering, outfoxing and otherwise  out-“leadershipping” the U.S.


This is a play for militarily securing more of the Arctic for it’s vast amount of natural resources like crude oil and minerals.


She jokingly said that it’s so close you could almost see it from her home state of Alaska.


It seems as though Obama is more concerned with taking selfies while playing golf and taking  outrageously expensive vacations to Hawaii rather than dealing with real threats to America like Russian aggression and radical Islam.


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