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New PC Map for Sarah PAC

The liberals have been hiding in their homes and calling their therapists ever since Sarah Palin tweeted,

Commonsense Conservativies & lover of America: “Don’t Retreat,  Instead -RELOAD!”

As most Palin fans know this is has been a phrase used before by Palin and her father. Palin originally said when she retired from the Governor’s office that she was not retreating she was advancing in another direction.

Later when Palin’s father Chuck Heath was interviewed about his daughter leaving office, he said she wasn’t retreating she was reloading.

And then there is THE MAP with the cross hairs on it. For “targeting” areas that she felt that the races needed to be paid attention to this year.

After seeing that the liberals dove under the table and began speed dialing the crew at MSNBC and anyone else that would listen to their nonsense.  So, in honor of them a new improved more politically correct map was made to coax the lefties out of hiding and make them feel more warm and secure.

Read more about this map at Texas for Sarah Palin

OMG… I just had a thought could you imagine if Palin had said of any of the dems that they are “Wolves in sheeps clothing!”  The liberals would run for their lives every time a helicopter flew overhead.

Yes, I’ve been feeling a bit sarcastic.  :)

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